Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I should be happy, but I'm confused instead!

I should be happy, but instead I’m confused. L’s test results came back negative, showing no allergies. Here’s our story.
At around 4 months (April), we switched to sensitive formula because L was always congested and spit up a lot. Nothing changed except that she spit up less. We then tried soy which made her spit up a lot. So, pediatrician switched us to Allimentum, which doesn’t have dairy. It seemed to make a big difference. I’m not too shocked to find out that she’s not allergic because we always knew she could outgrow it by her 1st birthday. Still, I’m leary to try dairy because I’ve avoided it for so long. I think it’s more of a mental thing for me, but I just don’t know if to trust the test results. Pedi wants her to stay on Allimentum until she sees her for 1 year appt, next month.
In September, we started avoiding wheat because the congestion came back and pedi and I suspected wheat. However, nothing changed, so I was guessing that she didn’t really have an allergy to wheat. So, not surprised to hear she’s not allergic.
A few weeks ago, we brought our dog back home after being at my sisters for several months. The first couple of days, we let him play in the house. L and Aaron both got congestion. L’s was major! So I was totally expecting to find out that she’s allergic to dog and cat like DH.
We also suspected an allergy to dust mites since she gets congestion if she’s around when we dust.
However, all tests were negative. Pedi said numbers weren’t even low, they were 0. She is going to show me the results when I go in next month. I’m so confused because I don’t understand why she is always dealing with congestion or a runny nose. Could it be that she’s not allergic, but just sensitive to certain things?

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Joy said...

Wow, sounds like you've been given the runaround trying to figure this out. Something I've read that's a bit less conventional, but many of my friends swear by it is "Eat Right for your Blood Type." I've noticed that although I'm not allergic to any foods, the foods recommended that I stay away from because of my blood type are the ones that give me runny noses and sometimes drag me down. Just a thought :) Thanks for adding me to your following. Always good to reconnect.

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