Friday, August 21, 2009

On Turning 30

I was looking back at some of my old posts and read one that I wrote when I turned 29. I realized that I never wrote one when I turned 30, so better late than never. I can't believe how much life has changed in 1 year. At 29, I had 1 baby who had just gotten her first teeth. Now she's got a mouth full of teeth and she's running around like a crazy kid. And we have *S* now. Having 2 kids is a major challenge! (Side note: At 29, I was hoping I'd jump out of a plane before 30. But I got pregnant a couple months after I wrote that, ha ha.) So back to what I was saying, becoming a mom to 2 kids is another milestone I hit, along with turning the big 3-0. At this point, I can say that life is a little more chaotic and a lot more fun. Although I have some moments where I just want to cry or bury my head under the pillows...I enjoy spending time with Aaron and our babies. Today, Aaron was playing with *L*...flipping her around and covering her with *S*'s play gym. She was laughing hard, it was so cute. *S* just watched the whole time, smiling at his sister. When she laughs, he's happy. When she cries, he cries, too! And *L* is our little helper. She takes *S* his paci when he cries. If he's drooling, she gives us his burp cloth. We give them baths together and L likes to help rinse off S with her little water play cups. S just stares at her the whole time. He's happy as long as she's playing with him. They are so cute together. I'm really looking forward to watching them grow up together. When I was younger, I dreaded 30 because it seemed so old. Now, I have totally embraced it. I am determined to be wise, funny, energetic, caring, and 30!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Favorite Summer Pics

I couldn't pick one, but here are my favorite summer pics for the FOBTY on . All of these pics are from our vacation to Albuquerque for July 4th.
S's First Smile & L playing by the Pool
Mommy & L (I love her RW&B bow); Aaron & I (& S in sling)
Double Rainbow & July 4th sparklers

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Cute Kids

I have been super busy at work, and I'm exhausted by the time I get home. So, I haven't been blogging at all. But I wanted to make a quick post to show off my kiddos. S is sleeping great now. He falls asleep a little after L goes to bed. He's usually out by 8:30pm, the latest. He wakes up between 6-7am, so he's my alarm clock now. Both my babies are great sleepers, I love it! S laughs a lot now! He has to be where the action is. He doesn't like to be put down and not be able to be around everyone. He's a people person already. L is talking a lot more now. She says 2-word sentences, which is just so cute to hear. I love S and L so much! I am so blessed to be their mommy.

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