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Friday, October 30, 2009

Family Fun Friday: Footprint Ghosties

Footprint Ghosties
This is something fun to do and another great way to make a keepsake. I’m not THAT into Halloween and have never made a Halloween card, but I can’t wait to try this for a scrapbook page. This is from ToddlerBrain. Read her blog post to see how she did it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts: mom-isms

Lately, I’ve been thinking about motherhood. It’s tiring, rewarding, fun, adventurous, scary … and no one understands those “mom” feelings except for another mom. My mom is my best friend. The past few weeks have been rough because her health has not been too great. Thankfully, through prayers and faith and great doctors, she is getting better. So, in honor of my mom…here are some mom-isms. Some of these, my mom said to me. Some of these, I hope I never say. Some of these, I KNOW I’ll end up saying. It’s like once you become a mom, these words just get placed in your head and before you know it, you hear yourself say them!

"As long as you live under my roof, you'll do as I say."
"Call me when you get there, just so I know you're okay."
"Do you think I'm made of money?"
"Don't EVER let me catch you doing that again!"
"Don't make me get up!"
"How do you know you don't like it if you haven't tasted it?"
"If you're too sick to go to school, you're too sick to play outside."
"It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I don't trust everyone else."
"Life isn't fair."
"Look at me when I'm talking to you."
"Now, say you're sorry...and MEAN it!"
"Were you born in a barn? Close the door -- and DON'T slam it!"
"When you have your own house then you can make the rules!"
"You will ALWAYS be my baby."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Alternative Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Little Ones

Today’s Tips aren’t really tips, but more like ideas. My kids are really young. *L* isn’t 2 yet and *S* is only 6 months. So, traditional Trick-or-Treating won’t really work for us. However, I love the idea of dressing up my kids and taking tons of pictures. So, here are some ideas for others with little kids like mine.
1. Find a church event or Fall Festival where you can take your kids in costume. Most of my childhood and actually most of life since I still go…our church has had an alternative to Halloween. I don’t dress up anymore, but I love seeing all the little kids dressed up. You'll get a chance to dress up your kids and yet be in a safe and fun environment.
2. If you live in a neighborhood with lots of little kids, take them on a parade. Let them walk through the neighborhood in costume.
3. Have a party at home. Invite a few of your/their friends over and celebrate at home.
4. Dress up your toddler and let them help you pass out candy to trick-or-treaters stopping at your house.
5. Go trick-or-treating to special houses. Visit grandparents, aunts & uncles, and close friends just to show off your kids in their cute costumes and let everyone take pictures. Last year, we took L to both grandparents’ houses and then she went trick-or-treating to a few houses with her cousin. We had fun showing her off and MiMi and Granny took lots of pictures!

Whatever you decide to do, have a safe and fun Halloween.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MEme Monday: Tales from the Darkside

Today’s MEme prompt (from mommybrain) is about discovering your fears or fears as a child. So, what was I afraid of as a child? Scary movies. Why? Because I wasn’t allowed to watch them. As a kid, my parents were pretty strict about what movies and tv shows I could watch. I was not allowed to watch any kind of scary movies. So, of course, fear of the unknown made them scary. When I was old enough to spend the night at friend’s houses, I started figuring out that’s where I could get my fix of stuff I wasn’t allowed to watch. I remember one time spending the night at a friend’s house. She had HBO, which was a really big deal since we didn’t. So, of course, we watched “Tales from the Crypt.” At another friend’s house, I watched “Children of the Corn.” I think we actually rented that one. In middle school, this became my quest. I would always try to convince my friends to rent scary movies. Of course, I still missed out on a lot of scary movies including all the Friday the 13th’s, Nightmare on Elm Street’s, and Halloween’s.
When I started dating Aaron…I was suddenly aware at how many movies I had missed out on. He had seen every movie I wasn’t allowed to watch, including The Exorcist. So, we rented it. It wasn’t scary at all! I’m sure it was much scarier in the theatre. I heard stories of adults that couldn’t sleep for days after seeing that movie in the theatre. But, really, it didn’t scare me at all. So, then Aaron decided I needed to see the Halloween movies. We watched them all…one night after another. And every night, I screamed my head off. My dad kept asking me, “Why are you watching these if they make you scream?” My reply,”I like them.” I can honestly say Michael Meyers scares the heck out of me!! Especially when he tilts his head before he starts chasing Jamie Lee Curtis or the way he sits up after you think he’s dead. But of course, I had my boyfriend to hold me when I was scared…I realize now this was Aaron’s plan all along.
Later that year, at our church’s Halloween Event (called Hallelujah Night), a man in our church came dressed as Michael Meyers. I seriously avoided him. I was not happy about seeing Michael Meyers slowly walk around our church parking lot. Later, Aaron told me that he was gonna ask him to sneak up on me when I went into the building by myself, but he realized I would be furious with him. I’m so glad he knew better. There’s a house not too far from ours that every Halloween puts Michael Meyers staring out their upstairs window. I have to drive by it to get to my house. It’s creepy. So, as much as I love watching scary movies…Michael Meyers is just creepy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is *L* getting ready to go to her new "school" yesterday. Really, it's just a mom's day out 2 times a week. She was so excited to wear her backpack and carry her lunch.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tips

Okay, so today isn't really about practical tips. It's more of a reminder that we can't always be super-mom and sometimes we just gotta take a break and laugh at ourselves. (inspired by the hilarious Helene! All moms need to read her blog.)

Tips to Losing Your Mind:
1. Wake up late despite having 2 alarm clocks and a baby that wakes up crying at 4:50am for you to give him his pacifier every 30 minutes for the next 2 hours.
2. Walk out of the room while your toddler feeds herself yogurt. Yes, she will enjoy it. And you will clean up the mess.
3. Give your 1 year old a cup with a straw and expect her to drink it like a big kid while you pay no attention. She will do fine while you watch her. Once you turn away, she will dump the cup upside down and will clean up the mess.
4. While packing your child's lunch, rip packaging you didn't mean to rip. Then, just when you think you're getting things together, spill peaches all over the floor. What's one more mess to clean up?
5. Grab all your bags and everything you need for the day and wait for your toddler to poop. Put everything down and change her so she doesn't start her first day of pre-school as the stinky kid.
6. Leave the house at 9:05am when you're supposed to be at your child's new school at 8:50am.
7. And if you really want to lose your mind...the day before doing tips #1-6, crash into a post and wreck your brand new 2009 minivan.

As you can see, I've had a rough couple of days. But life is good. My kids are happy and someday I will laugh at how crazy I was with 2 little ones! I might as well start laughing now cuz I have a feeling this is how the next few years will be.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Me on Monday

I decided to try the All About MEme Monday prompt from Mommybrain.
Today's prompt is "I've never..." So, here goes.

I've never...
1. I've never gone skydiving. I know this doesn't distinguish me from the crowd since lots of people haven't done it. But it's something that I really want to do and just haven't gone. Several years back my Uncle David did it and I got to see the video. It looked awesome. Recently, my best friends from middle school did it and showed the pics on facebook. I was so jealous and so happy for them. Someday, I'll do it and cross it off my "I've never" list.
2. I've never failed a class. For the most part, I always made A's and B's in school. I was in the 10th grade when I made my first C on a report card and to make it worse...I got 2 C's. And the icing on the cake was that those teachers were dating!! Uh! But I pulled up my grades and made B's for the semester. I never made another C until my sophomore year of college. I had already changed my major from pre-med chemistry to science education and then to business management by the end of the semester. So, I realized that my Anatomy class was going to do me no good. That made it really hard to study for. So, I made a C. I made a D in the lab, but that was mainly because there was a guy in my class whom I dated briefly and then he became a stalker. I didn't go very often to the lab. So, anyway, I came close to failing that semester, but I didn't.
3. I've never been able to water ski. Everyone in my family can water ski. I tried and couldn't hold on to the handle. That seems so dumb! It was frustrating. I finally gave up. Someday, I'll do it. Add to that, I don't know how to surf and I leave by the beach! Aaron has a board. I want to learn. I went boogie-boarding. I wasn't very good. I hope that doesn't mean I won't be good at surfing. I want to learn so I can go surfing in Hawaii someday and also so I can teach my kids how to surf. It would be so cool to go surfing as a family.
4. I've never been to Vegas. This is another one of those ones that I'd like to do someday. I want to go when there's a UFC fight to cross 2 "I'd like to" events off the list. Maybe I should do skydiving in LV, too! Anyway, I want to go when we have enough money saved to stay at a really nice hotel in a really nice room and eat at some famous chefs' restaurants. Oh, and I want to go without the kids!
5. I've never spent Christmas away from family. I've always been able to spend the holidays with my family and Aaron's family. We are so blessed to have our parents live here in CC. I'm looking forward to this Christmas now that we have 2 kids and L is talking just adds to the excitement!

So, now you know a little more about me!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Today I've been thinking about how fast my kiddos have been growing. *L* will be 2 in December! She is starting to talk a lot more now. Today I found out that not only can she point to her elbow, but she can also say "elbow"! How did I miss that?!

I also pulled out my flip (video recorder) and looked at some videos from over a year ago, when she first said "papa," which was her 3rd word after "mama" and "dada". She was so tiny! And now she runs and talks and plays pretend cooking...she's just so much fun.

The pumpkin patch is here again. Last year, we waited til the last week to go. She was sick and not in the mood for the pumpkin patch. Daddy had to hold her the entire time, so daddy had to be in my pictures. Look at how little hair she has! Not that she has a lot of hair now, either. She was so little.
This past weekend, she sat in her chair that MiMi and PaPa gave her for Christmas. Her feet were touching the ground. I told Aaron, "Remember how tiny she was when she first sat in it?"

I just can't get over how so many things can change in a year! *S* is already 5 1/2 months old. He's getting big, starting to sit up, grabbing things...he'll be pointing to his elbow and telling me "elbow" soon, too! And before I know it, they'll be waving goodbye as they walk into the front door of their kindergarten class. Oh my!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Heart Faces: "Excited" (Wordless Wednesday)

I love this picture of *L* all ready for church. She was so excited to have her purse on her arm!

Dressed for Church

I decided to enter it into the I ♥ faces contest ( Because the contest ends on Tuesday, I'm having to post this before Wednesday.

Tuesday Tips: Grocery Shopping

I’m not an expert on saving money at all. I go through stages where I’m somewhat frugal with grocery shopping and then I go through stages where I just buy whatever without trying to save money. So, here are some ideas that I need to take with me when I go shopping.

-Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Everything looks delicious on an empty stomach.
-Don’t buy more than you can eat before it goes bad. I have this problem when it comes to fruit. I’ll buy 6 plums and only eat 2 before the rest go bad. That’s a waste of money.
-Use coupons. Cut coupons out of the paper, print e-coupons, check product websites for printable coupons.
-Read your coupon. Don’t just look at the picture. Many times, a manufacturer’s higher priced item will be pictured on the coupon when the coupon can really be used for any product. I’ve noticed this a lot with diapers.
-Check the “per ounce” price. Our grocery store (HEB) shows the per ounce price. Bigger isn’t always better, so this helps me figure out if the bigger package is a better deal. Of course, don’t use this as a reason to buy more than you need!
-Watch out for “2 for” deals. Even if the price reads “2/$3” you don’t always have to buy 2 items. Many times, you’ll get the special price ($1.50) even just for 1 item.
-Don’t be a sucker for sales. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it. If it wasn’t something you planned on buying before you saw the sale sign, you don’t need it.
-Plan ahead. I’ve been telling myself I’m gonna meal plan for the longest time. I still haven’t started. This is why I don’t cook much. I buy random things that don’t make a complete meal or forget to thaw out chicken…I just don’t prepare. So this is one of my new goals!

I hope this helps you save a little bit the next time you go grocery shopping!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Me on Monday

I haven't been able to post anything lately. My mom is in the hospital. Today was Aaron's birthday. Just lots of stuff going on. Pray for us, thanks!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Today has been a long day. I had to travel out of town for a meeting. I got home late with a headache. So, I'm ready to relax and go to bed. Be back tomorrow for Family Fun Friday.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Here is my daughter enjoying a huge loaf of bread that my brother-in-law handed her. She got bread stuck between her teeth! It was hilarious. You probably can't tell because the picture is so tiny. I love this picture because I have tried for so long to get a picture of my daughter with her crisp and clear and the background blurred. Now that I got my new camera, it was so easy!!! I am so excited about all the great pics I'm gonna get now.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tips:

Since I still have lots of laundry to do now that I'm back home, I thought I'd share laundry tips I've found learned from my mom or from personal experience.
1. Check your husband's pockets.
Of course, this applies to your kids' pockets and yours, too. In my case, it's always my husband who leaves receipts and gum wrappers in his pockets. Now that I'm having to wipe runny noses, I find tissues in my pockets more often. So, to be sure you don't have a tissue that gets all over every piece of clothing or lipstick that spots red on your husbands khaki's, check the pockets before adding clothes to the machine.
2. Always empty the lint trap.
Leaving a buildup of lint causes your dryer to work less efficiently. It will take longer and use more energy to dry your load of clothes.
3. Don't use dryer sheets.
Dryer sheets can cause a film to build up on the lint trap screen and it won't effectively collect your lint. Also, it causes towels to be less efficient in absorbing liquid.
4. Use tennis balls to fluff a down comforter.
When drying a comforter, throw in a couple clean tennis balls to fluff up your comforter and avoid clumps. You can also use this trick with regular laundry instead of a dryer sheet.
5. Sort your clothes.
I think this is obvious to most moms. Separate delicate items. Wash new red/pink items together. Too many heavy items (jeans, sweats, etc) will take longer to dry.
6. Use cold water.
To save energy (and therefore money), use the cold water setting. Most of the energy your washing machine uses is spent on heating the water. Also, use the appropriate level of water for your load.
7. Don't overload.
Your clothes won't get clean, won't rinse well, and probably won't dry evenly if you stuff too much into one load.
8. Don't let a diaper fall in your washing machine.
Okay, this one's for me. I recently washed *S*'s wet diaper with my clothes...unintentionally of course. And he does NOT use cloth diapers! Major oversight on my part!

I hope these tips help. I don't find doing laundry enjoyable at all, but the more you do to make it easier...the quicker it's over!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Me on Monday

It's taking me a while to get back into the groove of things since I got back from San Diego. I still have to unpack, do laundry, and get the kids' rooms reorganized. So, nothing really to say today. Tuesday Tips coming tomorrow.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

San Diego Zoo Live Cam

Since I just came back from San Diego and didn't get to make it to the famous zoo, I thought it was perfect that I came across this post by Helene. If you haven't read her blog, go now! She's hilarious. Her blog is "I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor." She recently wrote a post about the San Diego Zoo live cam. Totally cool! You can watch some of the animals live.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready for Home

I've had a great time in San Diego, but I'm ready to go home and see my family. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to visit the beach. We went to Coronado Island. Coronado is my maiden name, so I've course I bought t-shirts with Coronado plastered across the front. Coronado Hotel is beautiful! The view of San Diego bay is gorgeous. But my kids are even more beautiful. I'm so anxious to get home and hug them like crazy!!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Today's post will be quick. I'm in San Diego for a conference and running a little late.

Here's something fun you can do with toddlers or older kids, too. Get out some large paper, washable paints, paint brushes, sponges, and any other craft stuff you like. Let your little ones go to town on the paper. Cover the spnge with paint. Let your little one press their hand down on the sponge and then on the paper. (like a human stamp) You can also trace their hand for them with marker or a thin paint brush. Let them be creative. Then, once dry, mat it with a piece of construction paper. You can frame it or laminate it to make it a placemat. You can also scan it and print it out on cards. If they're old enough to write, they can write thank you or happy birthday. Your little one will love seeing their artwork displayed and you'll have a special memory with your child.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I am currently in San Diego for the Hearts Revolution Conference at Cornerstone Church. Pastor Sergio De La Mora spoke yesterday and he interviewed my dad and brother about family & ministry. My sister and I also were invited on stage to share what our dad did to make us want to be involved in church ministry as well. I briefly talked about how my dad was passionate about people and how I learned from his example. My sister talked about my dad being an encourager. My brother talked about how our dad was a friend, a mentor, an encourger, he was real with us, and an example to us. I was so glad we got to "praise" my dad like that in front of so many people. He deserves it. This year, he is celebrating 50 years in ministry. And all along, he has been a wonderful dad! It really made me realize how much responsibility I have as a parent in shaping my children's future. They are going to learn so much about life and character simply by watching what I do. Wow! Something to really think about.

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