Monday, October 26, 2009

MEme Monday: Tales from the Darkside

Today’s MEme prompt (from mommybrain) is about discovering your fears or fears as a child. So, what was I afraid of as a child? Scary movies. Why? Because I wasn’t allowed to watch them. As a kid, my parents were pretty strict about what movies and tv shows I could watch. I was not allowed to watch any kind of scary movies. So, of course, fear of the unknown made them scary. When I was old enough to spend the night at friend’s houses, I started figuring out that’s where I could get my fix of stuff I wasn’t allowed to watch. I remember one time spending the night at a friend’s house. She had HBO, which was a really big deal since we didn’t. So, of course, we watched “Tales from the Crypt.” At another friend’s house, I watched “Children of the Corn.” I think we actually rented that one. In middle school, this became my quest. I would always try to convince my friends to rent scary movies. Of course, I still missed out on a lot of scary movies including all the Friday the 13th’s, Nightmare on Elm Street’s, and Halloween’s.
When I started dating Aaron…I was suddenly aware at how many movies I had missed out on. He had seen every movie I wasn’t allowed to watch, including The Exorcist. So, we rented it. It wasn’t scary at all! I’m sure it was much scarier in the theatre. I heard stories of adults that couldn’t sleep for days after seeing that movie in the theatre. But, really, it didn’t scare me at all. So, then Aaron decided I needed to see the Halloween movies. We watched them all…one night after another. And every night, I screamed my head off. My dad kept asking me, “Why are you watching these if they make you scream?” My reply,”I like them.” I can honestly say Michael Meyers scares the heck out of me!! Especially when he tilts his head before he starts chasing Jamie Lee Curtis or the way he sits up after you think he’s dead. But of course, I had my boyfriend to hold me when I was scared…I realize now this was Aaron’s plan all along.
Later that year, at our church’s Halloween Event (called Hallelujah Night), a man in our church came dressed as Michael Meyers. I seriously avoided him. I was not happy about seeing Michael Meyers slowly walk around our church parking lot. Later, Aaron told me that he was gonna ask him to sneak up on me when I went into the building by myself, but he realized I would be furious with him. I’m so glad he knew better. There’s a house not too far from ours that every Halloween puts Michael Meyers staring out their upstairs window. I have to drive by it to get to my house. It’s creepy. So, as much as I love watching scary movies…Michael Meyers is just creepy.

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