Monday, October 19, 2009

Me on Monday

I decided to try the All About MEme Monday prompt from Mommybrain.
Today's prompt is "I've never..." So, here goes.

I've never...
1. I've never gone skydiving. I know this doesn't distinguish me from the crowd since lots of people haven't done it. But it's something that I really want to do and just haven't gone. Several years back my Uncle David did it and I got to see the video. It looked awesome. Recently, my best friends from middle school did it and showed the pics on facebook. I was so jealous and so happy for them. Someday, I'll do it and cross it off my "I've never" list.
2. I've never failed a class. For the most part, I always made A's and B's in school. I was in the 10th grade when I made my first C on a report card and to make it worse...I got 2 C's. And the icing on the cake was that those teachers were dating!! Uh! But I pulled up my grades and made B's for the semester. I never made another C until my sophomore year of college. I had already changed my major from pre-med chemistry to science education and then to business management by the end of the semester. So, I realized that my Anatomy class was going to do me no good. That made it really hard to study for. So, I made a C. I made a D in the lab, but that was mainly because there was a guy in my class whom I dated briefly and then he became a stalker. I didn't go very often to the lab. So, anyway, I came close to failing that semester, but I didn't.
3. I've never been able to water ski. Everyone in my family can water ski. I tried and couldn't hold on to the handle. That seems so dumb! It was frustrating. I finally gave up. Someday, I'll do it. Add to that, I don't know how to surf and I leave by the beach! Aaron has a board. I want to learn. I went boogie-boarding. I wasn't very good. I hope that doesn't mean I won't be good at surfing. I want to learn so I can go surfing in Hawaii someday and also so I can teach my kids how to surf. It would be so cool to go surfing as a family.
4. I've never been to Vegas. This is another one of those ones that I'd like to do someday. I want to go when there's a UFC fight to cross 2 "I'd like to" events off the list. Maybe I should do skydiving in LV, too! Anyway, I want to go when we have enough money saved to stay at a really nice hotel in a really nice room and eat at some famous chefs' restaurants. Oh, and I want to go without the kids!
5. I've never spent Christmas away from family. I've always been able to spend the holidays with my family and Aaron's family. We are so blessed to have our parents live here in CC. I'm looking forward to this Christmas now that we have 2 kids and L is talking just adds to the excitement!

So, now you know a little more about me!

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MommyBrain said...

Skydiving - done it ... but probably wouldn't do it now that I am a mommy ... too scary!
Vegas - this was on quite a few lists; I think we need to set a date and all meet up for a crazy weekend :)
Christmas - this will be my first Christmas away from family, and I can't stand that thought of it. With the baby due on the 25th, there isn't much choice, but I will miss my family so much!

Thanks for joining our MEme ... I like knowing I have a topic every Monday!

Glad we found each other's blogs :)

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