Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tips

Okay, so today isn't really about practical tips. It's more of a reminder that we can't always be super-mom and sometimes we just gotta take a break and laugh at ourselves. (inspired by the hilarious Helene! All moms need to read her blog.)

Tips to Losing Your Mind:
1. Wake up late despite having 2 alarm clocks and a baby that wakes up crying at 4:50am for you to give him his pacifier every 30 minutes for the next 2 hours.
2. Walk out of the room while your toddler feeds herself yogurt. Yes, she will enjoy it. And you will clean up the mess.
3. Give your 1 year old a cup with a straw and expect her to drink it like a big kid while you pay no attention. She will do fine while you watch her. Once you turn away, she will dump the cup upside down and again...you will clean up the mess.
4. While packing your child's lunch, rip packaging you didn't mean to rip. Then, just when you think you're getting things together, spill peaches all over the floor. What's one more mess to clean up?
5. Grab all your bags and everything you need for the day and wait for your toddler to poop. Put everything down and change her so she doesn't start her first day of pre-school as the stinky kid.
6. Leave the house at 9:05am when you're supposed to be at your child's new school at 8:50am.
7. And if you really want to lose your mind...the day before doing tips #1-6, crash into a post and wreck your brand new 2009 minivan.

As you can see, I've had a rough couple of days. But life is good. My kids are happy and someday I will laugh at how crazy I was with 2 little ones! I might as well start laughing now cuz I have a feeling this is how the next few years will be.

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Helene said...

Joy, this list is awesome!! I've had days like that too, esp when you walk out of the room and the child spills juice all over the floor. I'm always stupid enough to give my toddlers grape juice in an open cup and then walk out of the room for just a SECOND and I come back to purple everywhere!!! And of course it always happens right before we're about to leave somewhere so I have to change their clothes, clean up the mess...all while trying to keep a smile on my face so I won't cry.

I'm sorry the last few days have been rough. Hang in there....things can only get better!!

Thanks for the shout-out...you totally made my night!!

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