Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I am currently in San Diego for the Hearts Revolution Conference at Cornerstone Church. Pastor Sergio De La Mora spoke yesterday and he interviewed my dad and brother about family & ministry. My sister and I also were invited on stage to share what our dad did to make us want to be involved in church ministry as well. I briefly talked about how my dad was passionate about people and how I learned from his example. My sister talked about my dad being an encourager. My brother talked about how our dad was a friend, a mentor, an encourger, he was real with us, and an example to us. I was so glad we got to "praise" my dad like that in front of so many people. He deserves it. This year, he is celebrating 50 years in ministry. And all along, he has been a wonderful dad! It really made me realize how much responsibility I have as a parent in shaping my children's future. They are going to learn so much about life and character simply by watching what I do. Wow! Something to really think about.

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