Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Alternative Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Little Ones

Today’s Tips aren’t really tips, but more like ideas. My kids are really young. *L* isn’t 2 yet and *S* is only 6 months. So, traditional Trick-or-Treating won’t really work for us. However, I love the idea of dressing up my kids and taking tons of pictures. So, here are some ideas for others with little kids like mine.
1. Find a church event or Fall Festival where you can take your kids in costume. Most of my childhood and actually most of life since I still go…our church has had an alternative to Halloween. I don’t dress up anymore, but I love seeing all the little kids dressed up. You'll get a chance to dress up your kids and yet be in a safe and fun environment.
2. If you live in a neighborhood with lots of little kids, take them on a parade. Let them walk through the neighborhood in costume.
3. Have a party at home. Invite a few of your/their friends over and celebrate at home.
4. Dress up your toddler and let them help you pass out candy to trick-or-treaters stopping at your house.
5. Go trick-or-treating to special houses. Visit grandparents, aunts & uncles, and close friends just to show off your kids in their cute costumes and let everyone take pictures. Last year, we took L to both grandparents’ houses and then she went trick-or-treating to a few houses with her cousin. We had fun showing her off and MiMi and Granny took lots of pictures!

Whatever you decide to do, have a safe and fun Halloween.

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