Friday, January 22, 2010

Nesting for Toddlers?

When I was pregnant with *L*, I did the whole nesting thing. Her room was ready way in advance. I re-organized her drawers and closet several times before she was even born. Since then, I've re-organized things countless times. However, when I was pregnant with *S*, I didn't do much nesting. I think I was just so tired from being pregnant and keeping up with *L*. (She was only 8 months when I got pregnant!) Plus, his room didn't have a lot of room for nesting because the guest bed was in there. I still am not happy with his room. But that's a whole 'nother blog post.
I recently decided that *L* should move into a big girl bed now that she is 2. I'd love to be able to cuddle with her when I put her to bed. And she's already climbed onto the crib rail a couple of times. Fortunately, she tightly hugged the rail both times til I went in and got her down. We already have the guest bed and her crib converts to a full size headboard & footboard. And I can give her crib mattress to *S*. He's still sleeping in a bassinette/minicrib which I am anxious to get him out of. However, just switching beds was not enough of a plan for me. I decided that her new quilt needed to have accessories around the room that matched. I went shopping. My mom had given me money to buy *S* a mattress. But since we didn't need it after all, she said I could use it to buy *L*'s bedding. After choosing a quilt and some decorative pillows, I threw in a wall painting, night light, wall decals...uh oh. I already decided I don't need the matching night light and put that in the bag to return to Target. I have a feeling more will go into that bag as I realize that I don't need to makeover her entire room.
As for the actual work of moving furniture around and getting her room made-over, Aaron has been intentionally stalling. So, I decided I'll just have to do it myself. We still haven't ordered the conversion kit to attach the head/footboard to the bed, so that will have to wait. But I want to get everything else done. That probably won't go as planned either. Once I start moving bookshelves and dressers, I'll probably realize it would be easier to wait for Aaron to move the big stuff. But maybe my nesting insticts will kick in and I'll get it done.

These are the 2 pillows that I can't wait to put on her new big girl bed.


Debbie said...

How fun! I love those pillows.
I think we end up just nesting whenever we can fit it into our lives:)
Came over from SITS.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pillows are sweet. I love to nest. And this time of year is perfect for nesting! I think, as moms, we just have to make things cozy for our fam's. Love it! Visiting from Sits.

Katie said...

Cute pillows, I love them. I'm starting the feel the same way about my little toddler, I think it's time we change her room now that she isn't a baby anymore.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Queen April said...

Joy I think we think a like. Vince and I have been contemplating for 2 weeks about moving him back with Dylan to share rooms and make his small room our multi-media room. We have a 4 bedroom so Dylan's room is big and right now all Micah does is dirty his room so we are deciding to put our treadmill, scrapbook stuff and computer in his room b/c right now all those are in our room.
I am always nesting, so you go girl keep going. Good Luck.

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