Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Project Life Tuesday: Week 31

Buddy when he woke up Wednesday morning.He's always in a good mood in the morning.

He likes to play in the morning. He runs away from me, across his crib.

He was being silly during dinner, too.

Showing us his food. He does this way too often.

stuffing his mouth like he always does when he eats

Birdy saying "cheese"

For our UFC party, I made red velvet cupcakes. I just wanted to be able to try out my new cake decorating tools. I learned that I need a lot of practice with piping before I expect my cupcakes to look like they do in magazines!

Steven was pretty wiped out after being at church all morning on Sunday. 
The kids also went to VBS for the first time. Leia loved it. (pic from Monday)

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Kim said...

That cupcake looks so delish! I'm seriously now thinking about making cupcakes!

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