Monday, February 22, 2010

The line of privacy

Lately, I read a blog post where a mom found her child's photo on someone else's page (and with a cocaine background!). It's got me thinking about privacy and if I'm protecting my children. I've already posted a copyright statement on my blog, but I realize that not all people respect that. I've also added code so that my photos cannot be right-clicked (and saved or printed). I have to make the extra effort to delete code within each post so that my photos aren't clickable (to enlarge) because then my photos can be right-clicked. If you know how to add a single code to do this, PLEASE tell me. So, I think I've done as much as I can to protect mylsef in that area. The fact that I have pics on facebook has me confused about all my efforts. I need to look at my privacy settings and make some decisions there. I want to share pics with old friends and family, especially those that don't see my kids often. However, I don't want creepy Joe Shmo looking at pics of my kids.
But, my biggest concern right now is the fact that I use my kid's names on my blog. I thought about going back through all my posts and changing their names to initials or a nickname. That would take a long time, so I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. Most blogs I read include their kid's names. But when I came across a few that don't, I wished I had done that all along. However, it's not like I have a huge following and tons of strangers are reading my blog. I decided to sign up for Google Analytics to see what's going on with my blog and maybe that will help me decide if I need to beef up security. I don't want my blog to be impersonal, but I would hate for using their names to end up being a horrible mistake 10 years from now. Lots to think about and learn about.
Sorry for such a boring post. I'm just thinking aloud. If you have any opinions or suggestions, please share them.


Anonymous said...

I went through and changed the names on my blog.
I try not to show the whole face of my kids on my blog.
To change the names I just did a search for the name and went and changed them. It took a while, but I am so glad I did it before my blog grew to what it is now.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I was on a long time ago and actually got recognized at Office Max when the guy called out my username.

That incident creeped me out forever, so I do not use any real names and if I post a pic, I crop it. At Christmas I posted a family pic and then took it down after a week.

Crystal said...

Sometimes I wonder about the same thing. However, if someone wants to find me bad enough, they'll find a way. Just my two cents..

Stopping from SITS.

{ Persis Shah } said...

this creeps me out too. but i doubt there's anything that is 100% private on the internet.

stopping by from SITS...have a great day!


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