Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Life Tuesday: Week 15

Birdy loves to play with my jewelry. I wish I had taken these pics with her wearing a really cute vintage dress. But we were just hangin' around the house, so she was in some old play clothes. Oh well, it shows a true typical day for us.

Buddy has just started eating table food on a daily basis. We picked up McDonald's hot cakes for Birdy. I gave Buddy some and HE LOVED 'EM!

Birdy's hair is wild. (She gets it from me!)
Saturday mornings are perfect for hanging out in our PJs, eating pancakes, and letting our hair go wild.

In 2003 & 2004, we led missions trips to England. Our friend Doreen, who lives in England, came to visit.
We had a Team England reunion at our house. So much fun!!

Team England Ladies

Doreen & I

My friend's baby girl. She's just beautiful.


Bev said...

I love the pic of her in your jewerly! So much fun!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Love the pics! My 2 year old always looks unkepmt unless it is right after a bath, otherwise her hair is ALL over the place!

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