Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project Life Tuesday: Week 17

Last week, we took some teenagers from Solid Rock Youth to see Hillsong United in concert in San Antonio. The concert was awesome! And the kids had fun in the van, of course. Road trips with the youth group are always great!

Buddy turned 1 on Friday. He suddenly went from my tiny baby to my little boy. This past year went too fast!

After a little coaching to let him know it was okay, Buddy got into his cupcake!

My messy cutie!

This is Buddy with his friend who will be 1 soon, too. They're gonna pals for sure!

Buddy loved being the center of attention! When he gets excited, he lifts his hands above his head. Every time he did that, everyone would clap and cheer. So of course, he kept doing it over and over. So cute. He also stood on his own for a good while, but we didn't catch that picture.

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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