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I began reading the Twilight saga books by Stephenie Meyer before the first movie ever came out, thanks to my niece. It was late 2007, and I was very pregnant. My niece told me she read a book called Twilight and I would probably like it. She lent me the book. I read it in a couple of days. I immediately bought the next book, New Moon. And of course, Eclipse followed. And to make my set complete, I bought the hardcover Twilight. I went to Barnes & Noble for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. Yes, I was a fanatic, obsessed with Edward. And yes, I was one of the oldest fans in line for my book that I couldn't buy at a decent time of day because I was so anxious to see how it all ended. I won't go into my thoughts on the book since I realize some of you may not know the story until you watch the movie. I later found out that I was not the only fan over the age of 17. There's even a fan site called
Moving along...
When the movie came out, I saw it opening day with my niece, her friend, my nephew, and my husband. We didn't go to the midnight showing because my niece had a test the next day. There was a huge line for the 7:00 showing. My niece and I wore our Edward t-shirts and it was obvious we were going to watch the movie with some obsessed fans! When the movie started, there was so much cheering in the audience. And the first time Edward appeared, clapping and cheering. Oh, and the scene where he's walking with Bella wearing his sunglasses...swooning across the theatre. My husband and nephew kept saying, "what's the big deal?" I decided then that I would never sit between them in a Twilight movie again, lol.
I saw New Moon openning day (not midnight) with my niece, her friend, and my husband. This time there were even more crazy fans...and lots were moms. My favorite shirt was a husband's shirt that read "I'm her Edward". I so want that shirt for my husband!!
On June 30th, the 3rd movie of the Twilight Saga, "Eclipse", is coming out in theatres. I'm very excited. I had really hoped to see it at the midnight showing now that it's summer and my niece doesn't have to worry about school. However, I found out too late that tickets had already gone on sale. All 3 midnight showings were already sold out by the time I checked. Hopefully, they will open a showing after that (like 2am). My husband said he won't go with me to that one. Something about getting up for work the next day. So I may have to wait til opening day again. Either way, I am anxious. For each movie, I've set a goal to re-read the book before seeing the movie. I didn't do that until now. I'm re-reading Eclipse and so glad. After reading all four books and watching the two movies, the story all ran together in my mind. I couldn't remember the details of Eclipse. I am loving it, again. And now to add more to the reading list, Stephenie Meyer is releasing a short story about one of the characters in Eclipse that will be more of a focus in the movie. The novella is called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It is being released today. In a couple of days, it will be available to read online for free. But I'm sure the hardcover will look nice with the rest of my set. I don't usually get to read 'til late at night when everyone is asleep, but that's when I can get lost in the world of Bella and Edward and Jacob...and I love it!

PS. If you'd like to read excerpts of the books, go to

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