Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project Life tuesday: Week 22

My Birdy. Look at that face. So precious. When did she become a little girl and not my little baby?

Celebrating the dedication of "M", our little Goddaughter with our friends Nakia & Mari. They are also the Godparents to our kids!

Birdy watering my plants for me.

Buddy has been pulling hair lately. He's finally learned the concept of "payback"!

I cooked some fresh green beans that I bought at the Farmer's Market. Delicious.

My kids are like me. They do not like their nap interrupted.


Susan said...

Oh what GREAT pictures! I enjoyed them all~

Karli said...

OK, this is too funny. I have a "birdy" and a "buddy" too. LOL! Adorable pictures! And please send me some of those green beans NOW! :-) Yum! ;-)

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