Friday, July 2, 2010

June Photo Hunt Challenge

I participated in the June Photo Hunt Challenge and these are my results.

1. Hilarious Out-takes

2. Creative Crop

3. Sun flare

4. Sweet Dreams

5. Work

6. Play

7. Cookout

8. Transportation

9. Currency/Money

10. A fountain - no photo

11. Night scene - no photo

12. Black and white with selective coloring

13. Something Old

14. Something New

15. Something Borrowed

16. Something Blue

17. Something Musical

18. Something Purple - no photo

19. Something Yellow

20. Something Scenic - no photo


Tanya said...

Great photos! Something yellow is my favorite.

Jules said...

For some reason my computer isn't bring up all of your photos, but from what I do see, your pictures are great. I really like your selective coloring photo.

Nikki said...

Great photos, love the cookout, the look on his face is great. and the selective colouring is amazing.

Samara Link said...

Your kids are cute. :)

You did a really nice job with sunflare and something yellow.

Ang said...

nice work on the hunt! enjoyed looking at your photos :)

da mainiac mama said...

Something yellow was my favorite. Great shot!

Kristi said...

Nice job with your shots! I really liked many of them :) Thanks for playing along!

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