Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh Shoot! Aperture

The basic idea:
Open aperture: The wider your aperture (lower f-stop), the more light you let in. Also, the depth of field increases. That's what gives some photos that blurred effect in the background or forefront (called bokeh). Using this technique is good for a portrait, especially if you don't want the stuff in the background to really show clearly.
Closed aperture: A smaller aperture (higher f-stop), lets less light in but leaves more of the picture crisp. Better for landscape or group shots.

Open aperture:
Buddy & Daddy are in focus. The back of the house and  even the grass is blurred. I like this because I want the focus to be on Daddy's arms reaching out to Buddy.

Closed aperture:
Buddy & the lattice are all in focus, even the back of the house behind him.


Casey Martinez said...

great job tackling aperture. It's so fun to learn new things about shooting in manual isn't it! I've been studying photography purposefully for almost 3 years now and I have sooooo far to go. It's a never ending but, very fun learning experience! :) Have a nice night!

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing what you are learning!

Queen April said...

Your photos are awesome Joy. Great Job. I started learning about the manual mode and aperture but then it would frustrate me. I found a great website that explains it in detail.
Keep up the good Photography.

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