Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project Life Tuesday: Week 38

Monday, my neice turned 18. I still can't believe it. And when I looked at the picture of Birdy (who was sitting on my neice's lap), I realized that some day she's going to turn 18, too. I am so not ready for that!

All the cousins on both sides of the families.

Birdy had a great time at the birthday party.

Tuesday, we took a walk to a park and to MiMi's house. Buddy had lots of fun on the big slide.

He laughed every time he came down, even when he flipped over on his side.

Birdy enjoyed showing Buddy how to go down the slide.

Aaron helped Birdy climb up this thing and it became her favorite thing to do.

Before we left, Birdy collected some rocks to take home.

I'm taking a photography class and I'm learning so much. I am so excited about the results I'm getting. The first 3 photos, from the party, were all shot without flash. I never would have been able to do that before this class. I'm loving it!


Casey Martinez said...

great pictures! Birdy is such a cutie:)

Susan said...

Great shots, and Happy Birthday to your neice!

Yes, enjoy your daughter while you can, it goes by way too fast!

Great pictures♥

Ashley said...

Beautiful pics!!

Check these out:

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