Wednesday, July 2, 2008

exploring new things

This morning I was watching L play in her baby einstein musical jumper. she loves playing in it but she's also at the stage where she doesn't want me to go to the other room. I have to stay close to her. So, I was sitting next to her while she played. I changed around a link toy so she could bite on it if she wants to (she's teething). She was so amazed by it. She pulled on it, dropped it, grabbed it again, bit it...she was having fun exploring this new toy. There have been several times that she has had that focused look as she explores a toy. It's so cool to see her learning. She's really into textures right now. She touches everything...couches, doors, walls, floors...she especially enjoys touching a new texture she hasn't felt before. I know it's simple but watching her explore new things is just one of the things I love about being a mother!


stephanie said...

I'm excited that you are blogging! I read blogs like crazy. Can't wait to learn more as you learn more about being 'green'.

Tex y Mex? said...

Awwww...reading about your little girl makes me sad that I'm not there with you... enjoying all of Leia's developments as she grows. :-( I'm so glad you are enjoying all of it though. I guess I'll stick to reading your blog and finding out all about what's going on. I can't wait for Thanksgiving - we'll have to hang out more than a few hours so that I can play with Leia.

luv2sing said...

Enjoy every moment that you have with your daughter. I enjoy reading your blogs. I'm looking into the going green concept. Sounds interesting. Be Blessed.

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