Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My little walker

L is growing up so fast! This past month she has really taken off walking. She walks everywhere now. Of course, if she's in a hurry, she'll crawl to get there faster. It's fun to see how excited she is about walking. Now we have to follow her a lot more tho! She is also a great eater! She continually makes us laugh with her silly faces. She recently started showing off her dance moves. My favorite is her "chest pop" which is what she does when she's laying down but wants to dance. She loves music and playing drums with daddy's drumsticks. I am really enjoying watching her grow up!

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Joy said...

great to see a post and pictures! How fun. andie isn't even crawling yet, but I'm really enjoying how much easier it is to take care of her when I'm not chasing her everywhere :)

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