Friday, September 25, 2009

Decision Time Regarding Childcare

We've decided to stop sending *L* to the daycare she currently attends. I have loved it for the last 18 months...until last month. She started getting bit by another child. The first couple of bites, I was understanding. But then she started getting bit too often. I complained to the director. I was told "we're doing our best." I told the director we were considering leaving. She told me to give her a little time because they were trying something new with the children whoare biting. Let me add, I don't believe that it's several different children biting her. Obviously, there are children (or one child) biting multiple times. In 2 weeks, she had 7 bites! Well, I gave it time and it did actually stop. However, this last Monday, she got bit again. I signed the accident report that stated she was bit on her arm. However, when changing her later that evening, I found 2 more bites! One was on her chest, near her shoulder. The other, was on her thigh, above her knee. When I brought it up to the director and teachers, they said, "She didn't cry other than the one time, so we didn't know." What happened to knowing what's going on because you're watching my child! So, we decided we no longer want her to attend this daycare. It's unfortunate because she has done very well there with the exception of the biting incidents. But I can't keep taking this risk with her safety. I understand that toddlers bite, but I just don't feel the situation is being handled effectively. So, now I have to tell the director and I just can't. Today when I took my daughter, I walked her outside and she waved to her friends. I felt horrible that I'm going to take her away from that. My mother-in-law has offered to watch her. However, I still want her to be around other children so I'm considering a mom's day out program a couple days a week. I feel like I'm doing the right thing by taking her out of this daycare, but then why do I feel so guilty- like I'm taking her away from a place where she has so much fun?

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Lillian said...

I use to work at a Mothers Day Out when my children were little, many moons ago and I loved it. it is different than a daycare in that it is for a short while and they will get good care. Ask around to see what they have to offer for your children. Some are more structured than others.

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