Monday, September 28, 2009

Me on Monday: Mommy's Tough Decision

I decided that one way to motivate myself to blog more often is to create themes for each weekday. So, Mondays will be called “Me on Monday”. I’ll be writing about what’s going on for me as a mom, wife, and girl enjoying life.
Read my post from Friday to read about how my daughter has been getting bit at daycare. I wrote that post during the day. When I picked her up at 5pm, she had another accident report for another bite. So, that was the final straw. Yesterday, I emailed a letter to the daycare director and district manager to inform them that my daughter will no longer be attending as a result of all the biting incidents. When I sent the email, I had a knot in my stomach. It felt so final. The 18 months prior to these incidents were great. She has learned so much from her teachers and the daycare experience. I was so sad to think that she won’t be going there anymore. She won’t be playing on the playground with her friends anymore. She won’t be sitting at the table eating lunch or making art projects with her friends. I really wish this hadn’t happened. For now, my mother-in-law will be watching her. I know she will take great care of her and *L* loves spending time with her. But I really want her to have experiences with other children. So, I’ll be looking around for mom’s day out programs soon. On another subject, I leave for San Diego tomorrow and won’t be back until Saturday. I am going to miss my family so much!!
These pics are from April in the Infant class. I never got any pics from the toddler class.

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