Friday, September 25, 2009

Pics from the Aquarium

Just wanted to share some pics from our recent trip to the Texas State Aquarium. It was our first time to take the kids. *L* really enjoyed it and even *S* watched the fish!

posted by Joy


Helene said...

Those are such awesome pictures! I especially love the one of you husband holding the kids while watching the dolphin!!

We have an amusement park near us that also has an aquarium and the kids always enjoy going and watching the dolphins and the whales.

Glad you all had fun!!

AquarianJwl said...

AWW... Love it!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some bloggy love. =)
~ AquarianJwl

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

"Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest."

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love your layout, so fun!
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the comment at and wanted to remind you to stop on by on Oct 1st to find out if you won "Letter to my daughter" by Maya Angelou. Good Luck!

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