Monday, September 21, 2009

Needing Direction...for my blog world

It's been a month since I last posted because I'm trying to figure out the point to my blog. My subtitle pretty much explains the point right's just about my journey through life. But that seems so pointless, except for the fact that I have friends that keep updated with me that way. So, I started thinking about the blogs I read and why I like them. I realized that my blog doesn't fit into any of those catergories. Most of the blogs I like teach me something... about parenting, going green or keeping my kids safe, tips for all kinds of stuff, etc. My friend Joy has a great "Wednesday Walkthrough" on her blog. I always learn something from her. I also read several blogs that have baby food or kid food recipes. Other blogs I read get me thinking about a certain issue, mostly parenting issues and working-mom type stuff. And still others I read inspire me to be more creative. Sara has a great blog where she displays photos she takes of babies, newborns, pregnant women, and her own kids. She's an amazing photographer. I always feel more creative after seeing her pics. I also look at scrapbook layouts on some great blogs. And there are a few I read that are more like mine...friends just sharing about their lives.
So I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with mine. For now, I'll just keep sharing about my life. But I think I'd like to do something more...and actually be a part of the many women who teach, inspire, and encourage each other. I just gotta figure out what my blogging purpose is. Hm, stuff to think about.
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Helene said...

I read so many inspiring and creative blogs too and I wish I was a better photographer and a better cook!! For now, my blog is all about entertainment. I just take the usual stuff that happens in my daily life and put an entertaining spin on it. It seems to work for me for now.

A good way to get some ideas are joining memes on other blogs. Some have writing memes, some are creativity memes...there are a ton. Go to "The Daily Meme" and they have a complete list of all the memes that are out there on any given day. Just google it and you'll find it.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I'm following you now too and on Twitter too!

Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

Stopping in from SITS. Welcome!

I'm kind of where you are--having an identity crisis!

So far, I'm not sure what my "niche" is. I tend to like to read and write about unexpected details in ordinary life.

Enjoying looking around your blog.

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