Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Foto Friday

I decided to change Friday's to also include Family Foto Friday because well, I have a lot of family photos (fotos en espanol) and not enough time to come up with creative activities or crafts for every Family Fun Friday.

Today's Family Pic is of my two little ones when they matched for church this last Sunday. *S* cried when I sat him on the couch until I sat *L* with him. She didn't want to sit down because she was busy playing. So this is the best shot I got. I love that he's holding on to her. He does this everytime I take pics of them sitting cute!


Noelle said...

they are adorable...and i love their little outfits!

thank you for sharing!

Helene said...

Awwww, they look so precious! I love that he's holding on to her!

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