Monday, November 23, 2009

MEme Monday: Thankful Four

Today's MEme Monday prompt is to name the top 4 things you're thankful for.
1. My amazing husband.
With both my children, Aaron has been the best labor coach!! And once we were home, he helped me recover quickly and helped me get adjusted to 2 little ones. Aaron is so supportive and encouraging. And he makes me laugh all the time! Every day, I am so thankful that I married such a wonderful man that makes me so happy.
2. My beautiful children.
I'm so blessed to have adorable kids. *L* is just too cute. I love watching her learn how to do new things and hearing her say new words. I love the way she walks with confidence, swinging her arms and exploring her world. *S* is the sweetest and happiest baby ever. He's so chilled out and loves to smile to everyone. I never imagined motherhood could be so rewarding with just the little things.
3. Health & Hope.
I'm thankful that both my kids were born healthy. I'm glad that despite the colds, ear aches, upset tummies, and other baby stuff, we have been blessed with strong children. I'm beyond thankful for the healing my mom has experienced rcently. It was tough mentally and emotionally while she was in the hospital. I'm so thankful to still have my best friend, and I'm hopeful for the continued healing I know she will have.
4. Moments
There are those moments that you just want to freeze and hold on to in a special place. Like holding your little girl's hand as she walks into a new place and sees new friends and feeling her grasp get just a little bit tighter to let you know she still needs you. The moment of holding your newborn son for the first time and realizing not only can you love someone else just as much you love your first baby, but it just comes naturally, like it was meant to be. Or the moment where your toddler stops playing, runs over to you, and puckers up for a just cuz kiss! Right now, I'm loving all the little moments of my life!

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Noelle said...

awwww...these are beautiful. thanks for sharing!

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