Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 here we come

2009 was a great year.
I've read some great blogs recapping the last year. I decided I should do the same, at least for my own reflections. I didn't blog often until later in the year, so my recap isn't going to be as thorough as some others'. Here goes...

January- I had one post that summed up the whole month. Last year, we rang in the new year on the San Antonio Rivewalk, just me and my wonderful husband. This year, we're celebrating with a quet evening at home while our 2 babies sleep soundly in their rooms.

Febraury- I was getting adjusted to life with a toddler.

March- I was 8 months pregnant, therefore not too comfortable.

In April, I was 9 months pregnant and just wanted to sit on the couch or sleep. On April 30, my precious little boy was born. We went from parents to one little baby girls to a family of four. I never imagined how much adding one more child would make a difference. The act of juggling your time and energy between two babies is not an easy one. I don't know how parents of multiples do it. So, I didn't blog during April, May even though it was only my 2nd Mother's Day and I had 2 kids, or June even though I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday.

July- I finally posted the first pics of my son. We went to Albuquerque for 2 family reunions during July 4th weekend.

August- I finally wrote about my 30th birthday (which was in June). And I posted more pics of my cute kids.

September- This is when I got serious about blogging. I found SITS and started reading other blogs. I started posting Wordless Wednesday pics of kids...the first of my little girl's portraits in her PJs. I also made the tough decision of pulling my daighter out of daycare because she was repeatedly being bitten. MiMi (my mother-in-law) started watching her instead.

October- I went on a business trip to San Diego, CA, and I missed my kids like crazy. We visited the pumpkin patch. Now I know not to wait til the last day because all the pumpkins are gone and you just get pics of your kids next to empty crates and rotten pumpkins. My mom was in and out of the hospital and we were relieved when she was finally able to go home and we knew she was gonna make it. *L* started a new "school" (aka Mommy's Day Out). She looked so grown up wearing her backpack and carrying a lunchbox. I almost lost my mind on her first day. *L* dressed up as a fairy for Halloween after mommy decided to make her costume. At 10pm on Oct 30th, I took of to Walmart for tulle, ribbon, and glitter spray to make a cute fairy tutu. Mommy didn't get much sleep that night. Good thing *S* already had a pirate onsie and goes to bed early or I'd have had to make 2 outfits! oh, and I got an iPhone!

Novemeber- My dad turned 70. My grandma turned 90 and we made a quick trip to Salt Lake City for her party. Right before we left, it started snowing. We tried the 3-day method and failed at potty training. Well, I only tried for a week and decided she just wasn't ready.

December- We got cute portraits taken for *S*'s 7 month pic and *LS's 2 year old pic. And we had lots of fun with all the holiday festivities.

2009 was all about the transition to a mom of 2. It was tough, but I survived and learned A LOT about myself and about raising kids. So, 2010...whatever you got...bring it on!
Best wishes to everyone for a year filled with love and laughter!

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