Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Decorating

Today's stress-free holiday tips are just a few ideas to help you decorate your home without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Get creative so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Use candy canes on your tree. Use natural décor. For example, grap some twigs from your backyard, tie them together with festive ribbon and add a couple sprigs of holly or mini ornaments. Place on a mantle or bookshelf. Have your kids create some holiday art work. Frame it and hang for seasonal art. Store it with your Christmas decorations and you’ll have keepsake art that can be reused for years.
2. Stay organized. Keep ornament boxes or buy an ornament container with dividers for breakable pieces. If you take down any everyday décor, store it in the containers where you keep your holiday décor. When you take your Christmas decorations down, you can put the usual stuff right back up.
3. Choose a color. Pick one holiday color to use throughout your home. Decorate the tree with red ball ornaments. Fill a glass vase with the same ornaments. Buy everyday red towels instead of splurging on holiday towels. Use red ribbon on glass candleholders to make them look more festive.

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