Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Stress Free Holidays

I decided to make Tuesday Tips a series for the month of December. I know you don't have time to read long blogs. Well, I don't have time write long blogs, either. So, every Tuesday will be just a few tips to help make the holidays less stressful.
Today’s Tips are about Shopping:
1. Try to go on weekdays when there are less crowds. Parking will be easier to find. Salespeople will be friendlier. New inventory usually comes in during the week, not on the weekends.
2. Look for coupons or discounts. Especially if you have a list, you can search for coupons or online discounts for products you want to buy.
3. Stick to your budget. It may seem easy to pull out your credit card to pay for gifts, but this will only create a very stressful January and maybe even February. It’s just not worth it.
4. If shopping online, look for free shipping or shop on websites where you can buy several gifts for one shipping cost.
Have a safe and stress-free shopping experience.

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Raising Z said...

Great tips Joy...I am so with you on shopping during the week (but not at lunch time!!!). I worked very hard to be done by Thanksgiving and I did pretty good at sticking to my budget. Now it is on to the wrapping!

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